A concept-driven design consultancy, experimental at heart and guided by culture.

Working to evolve the creative ecosystem through a mindful, rigorous approach and unconventional solutions backed by a commitment to sustainable processes.


To reimagine cultural traditions and techniques with a sensitivity to people, process and the planet.


Embrace radical experimentation and responsible design to develop concepts and solutions that are compelling, purposeful and inclusive.

Core Values

Each product encapsulates rich narratives and histories, creating emotional connections between the user and maker. Ethically sourced and crafted, we strive to create equitable partnerships that can sustain livelihoods.

We invent concepts that are true to culture and intent, and recontextualize traditional methods to make them relevant and accessible today.

The practice evolves by continuously absorbing new knowledge and applying this in unexpected ways; pushing the envelope on form and functionality. A skilled, working knowledge of materials and techniques is combined with a rigorous, iterative process.

Every project is an opportunity to promote awareness about Indian design and cultural traditions and further the conversation on sustainability.

Committed to positive social impact while limiting the ecological footprint throughout the entire product lifecycle, and the business as a whole. Continued effort towards repurposing resources and reducing waste.

About The Founder


Malvika Vaswani is an award-winning designer and maker based in Mumbai. At her studio, she combines the rigour of her background in industrial design, with her own personal inquiry into her rich cultural heritage; imagining concepts that blend emotion with functionality.

After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design, she returned to India and immersed herself in learning about the heritage craft traditions found all over the subcontinent. Jewellery was a natural first step – growing up watching her mother making fine jewellery gave her access to locally-trained artisans. While visiting ateliers, she observed a stagnation in form and technique, as the skilled karigars (artisans) who had been working for generations found their livelihoods challenged by modern technology and changing consumer preferences. She began to explore how technology – rather than a barrier – could be a means to evolve traditional ways of making; coupled with educating artisans about marketability and international quality standards. In 2013, she was awarded by India Design Forum in the jewellery and textiles category.

Her collections of jewellery and homewares attempt to recontextualise materials and techniques into contemporary designs. Inspired by iconic architecture and design movements such as the Bauhaus and Art Deco, every piece is ethically handcrafted. Her work has been recognised by Grazia, where she received the Young Fashion Award and presented her runway show at Lakme Fashion Week; and Vogue India’s Fashion Fund, where she was a finalist in the accessories category. In 2017 she was also selected among the 20 under 35 designers, as part of the Design x Design competition in New Delhi.

As Malvika’s practice evolved, so did her commitment to using sustainable materials and practices, devising economical ways to reduce the ecological footprint throughout the product lifecycle. She broadened her focus to encompass the Indian design ecosystem – partnering with various organisations to empower artisans through skills training and mentoring, at times acting as a mediator between international brands and makers.

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