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Drawing inspiration from an eclectic mix of cultural idioms, each collection attempts to recontextualize traditional crafts and techniques through its unconventional use of materials and abstraction of motifs.


A spiritual exploration of the designer’s ancestral land, Sindh, Shisho (or glass) leads to primitive shapes and clean lines that mirror the rich stones and stories of an earlier time. The primary colours and terracotta tones are drenched in nostalgia yet sophisticated, and consciously crafted in recycled glass and metal to render them anew.

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Taking cues from the heady mysticism and multifaceted heritage of the eponymous Spanish region, bold architectural forms are complemented by bidri and stained glass. Light, shadow and negative space result in unexpected, sculptural constructions where forms come to the fore, stripped of unnecessary decoration.


Finding beauty in the minimalism and utility of Japanese wood joinery, it celebrates the seemingly simple shapes that produce complex forms of great structural integrity. The mortise and tenon and lap joints characteristic of woodworking are recurring motifs, reimagined as wearable art.

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Art Deco geometry, mosaics and stained-glass windows play muse – elements link together to create distinctive assemblages of coloured glass and plated metal. A contemporary take on intricate heritage jewelry, their delicate construction is disguised by drama at first glance.


An homage to the Bauhaus movement, designs are pared down to reveal the raw essence of the materials, with embellishments that juxtapose handcraft with a machine aesthetic. The result is pieces that are truly unique in form, each a statement of confident and honest beauty.

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